Return to healthy origins.

Our system restores balance and adds a little bit more, according to our slogan "In Symbiosis with Nature." It is based on a bioenergetic resonance system that does not require electricity or batteries. In addition to the vibrations, a subtle polarisation is carried out, something which is crucial for the diseased organism.

The aim of SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer M.E.D. is to remind the body of how its vibrations were originally before interference. The success of this harmonisation is immediately evident in the patient.

In parallel with our development work, we also train doctors and therapists to become Symbioceuticals Bioenergeticists. As a career this is both enjoyable and pleasurable. The training uses the SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer M.E.D.

*Maximum Energy Device

Effect confirmed!

The properties of SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer M.E.D. and SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer Comfort have been confirmed by experimental investigations using current and recognised scientific and vivisection-free methods.

Our products:
the healthy choice

The SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer technology is a system that harmonises the whole organism and our food without using electricity. This technology eliminates energetic factors in our environment that are debilitating for humans, animals and plants. It makes it possible to use modern technology without exposing ourselves to any risk. For greater well-being and less stress.

SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer products are the revolutionary result of long years of research and intensive development work. They are simple to use, maintain full functionality over the long term and are free of side effects.

Treat yourself and your clients to more vitality and a closer connection with Nature – every day and everywhere.
Important information
Please note that the technology presented here is not yet in agreement with the predominantly accepted academic medical opinion or schools of thought. Energy Medicine and the principles, methods and devices used in it are classified
as Alternative Medicine. They are not recognised by academically based Medicine as their effect is not considered to have been proven. Treatment with Energy Medicine is in no way a replacement for a diagnosis and treatment by a licensed physician.

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