The SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer Effect

The Austrian company SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer GmbH is the right partner for people who follow a healthy lifestyle and would like to make their living environment stress-free. Electrical, magnetic and electromagnetic fields caused by technology create interference fields that negatively influence our organism.

As holistic medical specialists, we are confronted with people who have a diffuse symptom situation every day, meaning they complain of ailments without suitable physical causes, such as corresponding blood test results. When looking for new diagnostic and treatment options, we have taken nature as our role model. In doing so, we discovered natural principles that can be successfully applied to the biological processes in the human body.

This resulted in the SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer technology. This technology makes it possible to use modern technology without negative biological effects. What’s more, it optimises water quality and improves the indoor climate, as fine dust particles are significantly reduced in the breathable air.

Behind this technology – which is ‘Made in Austria’ – are doctors and therapists who help many people to recover and maintain their health through their research and development.

We have many user reports and an extensive expert report on the function and effect of the SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer. Our bio-information technology operates according to the laws of the vacuum field, which is also known in quantum physics. Quantum physics assumes that the so-called ‘empty space’ between the atoms is not empty but instead filled with energy. This energy vibrates and possesses an information- and energy-related dimension (Burkhard Heim, German physicist). According to this idea, an atom is a dual object with interior space that is filled with matter and information. Matter can thus be influenced by energy and information: information changes the behaviour of matter.

Our technology, in which frequencies and information patterns are modulated to specific carrier materials, uses this knowledge and provides the organism with suitable information. The regulatory capacity of the organisms is promoted and the negative biological effects are combatted. The pathogenic (causes illness) information is completely harmonised on the fine-matter vibration plane.

If the carrier of the information, i.e. the corresponding SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer, is connected to a power supply or water supply, a bioenergetic field is created. This field submits the engrained information, the frequencies and vibrations to the electricity and water supplies and changes the available fields of action.

At present, there are no scientific studies that explain the human energy system. Yet more and more scientists and doctors around the world are concerning themselves with the effects and mechanisms mentioned above. It is now assumed that the human body possesses an energy system that reacts to electromagnetic influences and different frequency patterns. These reactions can be used to identify stresses and correct defects.
Important information
Please note that the technology presented here is not yet in agreement with the predominantly accepted academic medical opinion or schools of thought. Energy Medicine and the principles, methods and devices used in it are classified
as Alternative Medicine. They are not recognised by academically based Medicine as their effect is not considered to have been proven. Treatment with Energy Medicine is in no way a replacement for a diagnosis and treatment by a licensed physician.

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