Good nutrition: the basis for good health.

Fruit and vegetables from all over the world and in any season too - never before has there been so much to eat as there is today. And yet, many people do not even receive the minimum requirements for vitamins, minerals, trace elements and secondary plant products. As much as 90% of the population is lacking in some of these essential micro-nutrients, such as vitamin D3, zinc, selenium and folic acid. However, most people are convinced that they have a healthy and sufficiently balanced diet.

Science proves the contrary: the majority of today's illnesses are diet-related. Our diet today does not even cover the minimum requirements for vital and micro-nutrients. The reasons are manyfold, for example, depleted soils, harvesting of unripe crops, lengthy storage in cold stores and the way foodstuffs are treated to preserve them.

Staying healthy and productive.

The Austrian Nutrition Society (Österreichische Gesellschaft für Ernährung) recommends five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. That is what we need to meet, the daily requirements for all micro-nutrients. In practical terms, this means 1.5 kilogrammes of food to be prepared fresh and with care each day. Even if we face up to this challenge for the good of our health, it would not be enough to supply all the necessary nutrients. Yet our bodies urgently need these nutrients to stay healthy and productive.
A quote from Jürgen Lueger

Many people do not even receive the minimum amounts of vitamins, minerals, fibre, trace elements and amino acids.

Quelle: Labormedizinische Erfassung, Gemeinschaftslabor Südwest Ettlingen

Natural high quality: SYMBIOCEUTICALS supplements.

Real micro-nutrients made from high-quality natural products: that is our range of Symbioceuticals supplements. These micro-nutrients contain 47 nutrients essential for life: 11 vitamins, 6 minerals, around 10 trace elements and 20 amino acids. Micro-nutrients are interdependent, working together with one another. Imagine the cogs in a clock mechanism: if one little cog is missing, then the whole clock stops working properly.

A protective shield of nutrients.

Vitamins and minerals play many vital roles in our body. They protect it with anti-oxidants from bacteria, parasites, fungal infections, environmental toxins and much more. They are also used as building blocks, working together, for instance, with calcium to promote the formation of bone and with iron to stimulate blood production. They are involved in most of our bodily functions. A metabolism without micro-nutrients is unimaginable. Vitamin C alone is actively involved in around 15,000 metabolic processes.

Nutrients repair our DNA.

When the body experiences a shortage of micro-nutrients, important repairs to its DNA cannot be properly carried out. Faulty DNA increases our chance of falling seriously ill.

Vitamins have both a preventative and a therapeutic role. Please note: biologically high-quality dietary supplements are not available in the shops.

Test the effectiveness of real micro-nutrients.
Try Symbioceuticals supplements.
Feel the difference.

Linus Pauling

You can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.

The advantages at a glance

  • broad product range at the highest quality
  • always incorporating state-of-the-art technical knowledge through regular training sessions
  • incorporating the best possible effects through interference-field-free and electro-smog-free storage
  • better acceptance and body tolerance through bio-informed vital-substance matrices
  • no pressed articles or synthetic fillings
  • no artificial sweeteners such as Maltodextrin, Sucralose, Aspartame, Acesulfame K, etc

Vitality for demanding needs

  • worldwide best raw material suppliers
  • additional testing of raw materials for light-quanta quality
  • Symbioceuticals Supplements are trusted substances for the body
  • we produce in accordance with ISO norm 22000:2005 in Austria
  • strict testing of all raw materials for residual elements of pesticides, fungicides, Insecticides and general toxicology
  • simple and safe method of removing micro-nutrient-deficits
  • almost all products in high-value dark-violet glass

Valuable content, high-class and vitalising packaging

SYMBIOCEUTICALS Supplements in violet glass
As you know, SYMBIOCEUTICALS Supplements represent the highest quality and outstanding effect. At all levels of processing, such as production, bottling, packaging and shipment, the highest possible quality is our declared objective. High-grade dietary supplements must be most favourably packaged, and this is why we deliver our Symbioceuticals Supplements in natural and protective violet-coloured glass. This dark violet glass not only protects its contents but also enlivens it. Incidentally, as long ago as 3,500 BC remedies, medicaments, precious ointments, oils and essences were preserved and stored in violet or golden receptacles.

Violet-coloured glass protects the light quanta within the product
The sun is the basis for all life on Earth. It is vital for the life of all plants. Following the harvest of fruit, vegetables and herbs, it accelerates in addition the process of decomposition. Since our nutritional supplements consist of natural raw materials, they are affected in the same way by the increased ageing process caused by light. This means that the sun quickly and thoroughly takes up the important bio-energy (light-quanta) of these valuable substances. Better than green, blue, brown or black glass, this violet-coloured glass better protects the contents from these undesirable characteristics of light.

Violet glass allows only a certain range of sunlight to be filtered through. During production of the glass, selected colour pigments are melted into the glass mass in specified proportions. The glass is therefore not simply coated with a layer of colour, but it is completely internally tinted. By this process the violet glass offers optimum protection from debilitating frequencies of visible light rays. It blocks the entire spectrum of visible light – with the exception of the violet range.

Natural. Recyclable.
Our violet glass is produced in a German glass foundry to the highest specifications. As a natural raw material, the glass itself can be completely recycled. Or, if you so desire … you do not wish to dispose of these beautiful glasses after using the SYMBIOCEUTICALS Supplements, then you can store other products in them and thus prolong their shelf life.

Scientists confirm this optimum energetic milieu
According to the rules of quantum physics ultraviolet rays have the highest frequency and thus the largest amount of light energy. In violet-coloured glass there is an outstanding energetic surrounding that retains fine-particle energy at a constant level for a long period of time and therefore also assists in strengthening shelf life.

Scientists also consider violet glass to be especially well-suited. Professor Dr. Jakob Jütz, a lecturer at the engineering school in St. Gall in Eastern Switzerland, came to the conclusion in his research that through the transparency for radiation from the short UV range, biological substances within the glass are stimulated. Between 380 and 420 nano-meters this represents approximately a 25 percent transparency which is possible through this type of radiation. According to this, an energetic milieu is at its optimum in violet-coloured glass.

An overview: Quality characteristics of violet-coloured glass

- Energetically optimised for high-performance micronutrients
- Protects the light-quanta within the product
- Stimulates the products via the transparent, enlivening, violet characteristics of light
- Natural and recyclable

Here also, an explanatory video: Play Video (Galileo/Pro7) [in German]
Important information
Please note that the technology presented here is not yet in agreement with the predominantly accepted academic medical opinion or schools of thought. Energy Medicine and the principles, methods and devices used in it are classified
as Alternative Medicine. They are not recognised by academically based Medicine as their effect is not considered to have been proven. Treatment with Energy Medicine is in no way a replacement for a diagnosis and treatment by a licensed physician.

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