Pleasure with no regrets.

A healthy diet is important for all of us. It gives the body energy and helps ensure our metabolism is optimised.

Today an increasing number of people are intolerant of certain foods. Pollution and chemicals are increasingly the cause of these allergies.

Our prosperity produces a great deal of refuse that then disappears from view. But it is then returned via groundwater, rain, rubbish infill and plants and reappears in the air we breathe and the foods we eat.

With the SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer Card, you can harmonise your food and beverages in under 90 seconds.

How to use:

Put dishes and drinks on the SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer Card before consumption. This will not change your food; it changes the information field of your food.

Take the taste test:

It is quite simple. Stand a glass of Cola, coffee or lemon concentrate on the card for 90 seconds. After 90 seconds take a sip of the harmonised beverage and then immediately taste the beverage that was not on the card. You will be surprised!

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Important information
Please note that the technology presented here is not yet in agreement with the predominantly accepted academic medical opinion or schools of thought. Energy Medicine and the principles, methods and devices used in it are classified
as Alternative Medicine. They are not recognised by academically based Medicine as their effect is not considered to have been proven. Treatment with Energy Medicine is in no way a replacement for a diagnosis and treatment by a licensed physician.

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