Fresh and easy.

You can look forward to living, harmonised water. It stimulates your organism and gently detoxifies it. Your water at home will be softer, fresher and gentler on your system.

The standard unit covers up to 500 sqm. (larger areas and special requirements by request).

Where to use:

Simply mount on the main water inlet pipe. If this is not possible, then position it behind the water meter inside your property or directly under the wash basin on the hot and cold water inlet.


Water inlet |

Change of residence

In the case of a change of residence it can be taken off and reused easily.

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Please turn to a doctor or therapist in your area.
Important information
Please note that the technology presented here is not yet in agreement with the predominantly accepted academic medical opinion or schools of thought. Energy Medicine and the principles, methods and devices used in it are classified
as Alternative Medicine. They are not recognised by academically based Medicine as their effect is not considered to have been proven. Treatment with Energy Medicine is in no way a replacement for a diagnosis and treatment by a licensed physician.

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